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Deluxe Iron Tube Armchair

$94.99 USD
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Your Perfect Companion for Road Trips, Outdoor Gatherings, and Sports Events. Designed with the needs of self-driving campers, backyard gatherings, and sports enthusiasts in mind, our Adjustable Lumbar Support Chair offers the ultimate comfort and support for your lower back. The innovative adjustable lumbar support structure ensures optimal lumbar support, allowing you to sit for extended periods without feeling fatigued. Whether you're embarking on a road trip, hosting a gathering in your backyard, or enjoying a thrilling sports event, our chair provides the perfect seating solution. Experience the utmost comfort and support with our Adjustable Lumbar Support Chair, and make the most of every outdoor occasion.

  • Ergonomic Pre-Bent Backrest: Designed to match the natural curves of your body, providing optimal back support and comfort.
  • Cross-Positioned Load-Bearing Brackets: Enhances strength and durability for long-lasting performance.
  • Double-Layered Cushioning: Offers a soft and comfortable seating experience.
  • Insulated Zippered Ice Bag Compartment: Conveniently store and access cold beverages in hot weather.
  • Multi-Compartment Side Pockets: Keep small personal items within easy reach.
  • Reinforced Vertical Tube Support: Provides enhanced stability and durability.
  • Triple Cross-Positioned Load-Bearing Brackets: Strengthens the chair's structure.
  • Zippered Top Pocket on Backrest: Offers additional storage for clothing or other items.
  • Elevate your outdoor experience with our ergonomic and functional Pre-Bent Backrest Chair. Perfect for road trips, outdoor gatherings, and sports events.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Highly recommended

I am writing my review while sitting in this chair. I get bouts of sciatica and every chair I own tends to aggravate it. I needed something for outdoor travel/use, so I specifically sought out and purchased this chair because of its lumbar support. Make no mistake, this is a heavy-duty chair (rated to 353 lbs.), both wide and sturdy for even the most robust of individuals, and so it does not compactly fold nor is it ideal for long treks away from the car or camper. I am half that weight but it still fits me very comfortably.However, it is very comfortable and provides the lumbar support it claims, the padded backing being sewn to the frame in such a way to assist the back in staying straight. It also has an adjustable lumbar backstrap for personalized use. I can sit in it for 30 minutes without having to readjust. It is also easy to fold and unfold, and so ideal for throwing into my pickup and setting up at my work site during break-time. I also use it on my porch at home, so I can sit while enjoying the sunset. The cupholder, small insulated pocket, and headrest storage area (stick a pillow in it) are real bonuses. I highly recommend this chair and would purchase it again.

Lyndsea Berry

This chair is really comfortable but the only part I do not like is the head rest. It is not solid so your head just kinda falls back. I like the cooler and how roomy it is.

Egan Frank
Comfortable and Very Well Built

Bought 2 to keep in our RV. Now after camping trips we take them out of the coach and use them almost everyday on our patio. Lumbar support great. Easy to put back in the bag.

Good Camping Chair

Just got this new chair for the summer camping season. Overall it is a good chair, sturdy, comfortable with some nice features, like zippered pockets. After a few trips with it, I've discovered that having the cup holder on the left arm vs. the right arm isn't as easy to use. Overall decent chair for camping or outdoor activities.


I wanna give 6 stars for the chair. I took it for the camping, it stood so steady and holds more than 200lbs. So my roommate also bought one, now they are both on our patio.