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Lightweight Flannel Camping Sleeping Bag- XL

$69.99 USD
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Prepare to embark on an outdoor journey like never before, where restful sleep becomes a reality. The KingCamp XL Lightweight Flannel Camping Sleeping Bag invites you into a world of spacious comfort that redefines camping nights. Say goodbye to confined sleeping spaces and hello to the freedom of movement. Our oversized design, measuring an expansive 86.6" x 39.4", ensures that you can stretch, turn, and snuggle with ease. Rest assured, even your canine companion can join you, turning the night into a cozy bonding experience.

  • Ample Space: Measuring 86.6" x 39.4", our oversized design ensures unrestricted movement for a cozy night's sleep.
  • Versatile Seasons: Stay warm in temperatures of 17.6-54¡ãF during spring, summer, and autumn camping trips.
  • Optimal Warmth: Filled with 250g/©O hollow fiber and lined with 100% cotton flannel for ultimate comfort.
  • Innovative Quilting: Diagonal quilting locks in warmth, while the adjustable hood and bottom zipper enhance usability.
  • Effortless Portability: Weighing just 4.6lbs and folding to 15" x 9.4", it's perfect for hiking, camping, and outdoor exploration.

Customer Reviews

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Surfed & Turfed
King of camping / with arm holes

Right out of the box this sleeping bag showed thoughtfulness to the design and quality to the product. The sleeping bag arrived boxed inside a vacuum pack bag. Once out of vacuum sealed bag then the sleeping bag has its own nicely packed travel bag. The bag has 3 tie down straps on each side to help compact the bag for travel. It also has a drawstring on one side and a handle on the other for easy pick up.

The bag rolls out nicely and is made of very silky polyester on the outside, and a flannel cotton material on the inside. It measures approximately 6 1/2 feet long, which is a nice size. The nice feature about this is that it has armholes with pockets and then the bottom can be opened separately for feet ventilation, whether you want to walk around or just sit at the campsite. The foot ventilation opening at the bottom makes it nice where you can just slip it on and slip it off without taking off your shoes and worrying about getting it dirty.

It also has two eyelets on the bottom of the bag if you wanted to tie it down and a drawstring at the head, which makes it nice and cozy if it’s a windy days. You can also fully open the sleeping bag if you just wanted to have two people sleep on it.

This is a great sleeping bag with a lot of versatility, which makes it a good item to have.

Hunter H.
A must have for every camping trip

If you go camping this is a necessity

Jai Sri Astrology
Excellent quality, warmth and comfort

This is a well made, durable yet light and compact sleeping bag. Zippers are high quality, strong and easy to manipulate. The color and pattern of the fabric is just so freaking traditional. :( So original. LOL It's okay for a sleeping bag. It won't save you in subfreezing temperatures. It's not rated for that. I have no idea how to wash it because the care label on mine has no instructions on how to wash/clean it.

D. Eckert
Very comfortable and warm, big enough for a big dude!

I'm 5'9" and about 270, so a very wide fellow. It's been hard to find a sleeping bag that I could actually zip up in that wouldn't constrict me. I like to sleep on my side, so it would be very uncomfortable to be so tight. I saw this and decided to give it a shot - I've never seen a "big and tall" sleeping bag before.

It is in fact extra wide, and fit me easily. I took it on a campout with my son; it got down to about 45F that night, and I was very warm. It's not a -20F bag by any means, but it was comfortable enough for the weather I was in. It also unzips completely if you want to use it as a queen-sized comforter.

It's warm, comfortable, and most of all, BIG. I highly recommend it if a normal-sized bag doesn't fit you, either.

Awesome sleeping bag

I love King Camp products, they're always good quality camping equipment and this sleeping bag is no exception. Soft, cozy and warm while still being lightweight enough to travel with.