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Freedom 3D 10 Single Self-Inflating Camping Pad

$99.99 USD
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If you happen to spend nights in the outdoors tossing and turning instead of sleeping, we recommend taking the KingCamp Premium 3D Sides Sleeping Pad next time. Its soft, stretchy fabric has a TPU coating to protect from wet weather should you sleep outside the tent, and the bottom is reinforced to stay solid on rocky grounds.The 4 inches of cushion and an exceptionally high thermal rating make this pad a perfect choice for any season of the year.

  • Luxurious sleeping pad brings all-night comfort to the campsite
  • R-value 11 for good warmth, ensure to keep warm even in the extreme cold night
  • Self-inflating valve eases setting up and packing down
  • The 3D structure provides ample support to your shoulder, hips, ankle, and back
  • The diamond-cut surface can keep your spine aligned as you snooze, take the pressure off your joints
  • Soft, stretchy fabric treated with TPU for water-resistance
  • Equipped double 360¡ã rotating valve, which could fully inflate in 25 seconds
  • Stuff sack included for convenient storage and transport

Tech Specs

Best Use Camping
Sleeping Pad Type Self-inflating Pad
Insulation Type Open-cell Foam
Sleeping Pad Shape Rectangular
Sleeping Capacity 1-person
Insulated Yes
Top Fabric 100% Polyester Micro-brushed
Carry Bag Material 210D Oxford
Dimensions Single: 78.0x29.9x3.9in/98x76x10cm
Packed Size Single: 32x7.5x7.5in/81x19x19cm
Weight Single:7.7lbs/3.5kg
Bite Valve Shut-off Switch Brass with Plastic Cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Comfortable and Versatile Air Mattress for Camping!

I recently purchased this air mattress for my camping trips, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for a good night's sleep in the great outdoors!

Firstly, the comfort level is outstanding. As a side sleeper with back issues, I'm quite particular about mattress comfort, and this one exceeded my expectations. The materials used are of high quality, and the soft lining on the outside adds an extra touch of comfort. It's also easy to clean and weatherproof, making it ideal for camping directly on the ground.

Inflation and deflation were straightforward once I figured out the process. A tip for optimal inflation: avoid blowing air into it with your mouth, as it can introduce moisture. A portable inflator works like a charm. The mattress retains air exceptionally well throughout the night, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

I love how this air mattress is versatile; it fits perfectly in an RV, camper van, or travel trailer, replacing those uncomfortable mattresses commonly found in recreational vehicles. However, it might be a bit bulky for backpacking, but for car camping or short trips, it's an excellent choice.

Overall, I'm thrilled with my purchase. It's worth every penny for the level of comfort it provides during camping adventures. I highly recommend this air mattress to all fellow camping enthusiasts!

Ms. Peacock ??
Didn't Fully Inflate

This mat is nice, just a little steep on the price in my opinion.
The pad itself is lined on the outside with a very soft, and nice material that is also easy to clean and weather proof. It can easily and comfortably be laid on directly without anything else.
The pad is larger than I expected, mostly in length - taller people will be happy to not have half their body hanging off the bottom.
I found the inflate/deflate mechanism to be a bit confusing - for one, there was no instructions so I had to refer to the listing here to try and figure it out.
When you get it the nozzle with be set to "deflate" if you press either side on one side - it should flip like a little hidden door, it will start to inflate almost immediately - however after a certain point I both stopped hearing the hissing of it inflating, as well as stopped seeing any progress with it getting any more plush.
It did inflate more than when it started out of the bag, but it looked and seemed from the outer casing and the pad itself, like it still had room to grow - I kept trying to open the inflation valve more in hopes it would continue to get puffier, I even tried to blow into it directly to see if it would puff up more.. It just didn't after a certain point, and that left me feeling a bit bummed seeing what seemed like so much more that it should be able to puff up - and looking at the photos from the ad. Clearly there's some sort of trick to it, but if there is - let someone know by providing instructions on how to use your product..
It can be rolled/folded up to fit into the provided bag which has a strap to sling over your shoulder making it easy to carry - though for hiking trips I personally would not opt for something this large and bulky, however if you're pulling up to a camping spot, this is a great option!

Not self inflating

Though this is a very nice mattress and quite comfortable it is not self inflating. When I tried self inflating it was nearly flat. I had to use an air pump.

Rebecca L McCullough
Would love a bigger one too!

This is a great air mattress! When you think air mattress, automatically one thinks of a pump that you have to drag along to air it up. This one has it's own mechanism that airs it up significantly. You just flip the valve and it starts to air up. To top it off to the desired firmness, you can blow into it--it took my husband 4 or 5 puffs to get it where it was comfortable. When it's time to deflate, you flip the valve again and it deflates. When you roll it up, the rest of the air comes up. It also comes with a great elastic strap to keep it rolled up, and a bag to carry it and store it. As far as air mattresses and camping mats go, this is a definite improvement, and I would recommend it to others! We really like it, and sleeping on it all night, pregnant, was not the normal air mattress experience! Great option for the camper or even just for overnight guests!

J. Hansen
Luxury Sleeping Pad

This is AMAZING! I have had multiple sleeping pads, air mattresses and
air mats as we camp every summer. This is the winner hands down out of
all I've tried. Worth every penny.

It's not only easy to inflate, and SO durable. But it doesn't have the
awkward bumpiness that regular air mattresses have. It feels very
similar to a standard mattress for your home.

While it says it self inflates, it didn't fully inflate til I used an
air pump. That being said, it was decently full without using the
pump. Very easy to deflate as well with the flip valve.

Most importantly, an air mattress in my book must not pop easily. This delivers!
My cat even slept on it the other day and has very sharp
issues. The material is so thick and it's a nice firm sleeping pad.
The diamond texture on top is also so nice. I despise standard air
mattresses with the awkward line weave where your back is contorted
trying to get comfortable. None of that here, and I had the best sleep
in awhile while camping using this.

Highly recommend, and with the 5 year guarantee & repair kit, that is
saying something with the durability!