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Unique Design

KingCamp is a one of the leading provider of innovative, comfortable, and high-performance equipment and furniture to the outdoor and lifestyle industry in more than 46 countries worldwide, providing
excellent products aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients and their relationship with nature.

The following KingCamp products are protected by one or more patents or industrial design registrations, and other patents or industrial design registrations may be pending.

KingCamp Table

Tent KHan Palace

KingCamp KHan Palace features two bedrooms
and a large living room, providing spacious space for you and your family or
friends. The 4-season glamping tent has dimensions of 22*13.7*8.8ft/670*420*270cm
(L*W*H). 269sp.ft interior floor area is spacious enough to accommodate more
than 12 people sleeping at the same time, even hold a party. The glamping tent
can be set up in three different ways to accommodate spring, summer, autumn,
and winter weather conditions.