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In an era where outdoor leisure activities have gained unprecedented popularity, KingCamp has emerged as a beacon of innovation and quality. In a recent conversation with KingCamp, EqualOcean delves into the myriad facets of its meteoric rise to prominence within the fiercely competitive outdoor gear industry, exploring its strategies, challenges, and visions.


Brand Excellence and Industry Fortification

KingCamp’s enduring success in the outdoor equipment sector can be attributed to its commitment to innovation and quality. The company’s dedication to these principles has laid the foundation for its international recognition. According to the company, “Our brand’s core philosophy has remained unaltered over the years - a relentless pursuit of innovation and unwavering dedication to quality.”

Products serve as the bedrock of any brand; for KingCamp, they are the medium through which the brand’s message resonates globally. The brand’s investment in annual product development, marked by a commitment to innovation, has garnered esteemed international accolades, including the Italian Golden Compass Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the ISPO Award thrice. With over 40 patented technologies, KingCamp has made itself stand out in the global marketplace.

KingCamp believes that seeking global recognition must focus on quality rather than engaging in price wars. The company’s dedication to a “quality-first” ethos has borne fruit, fortifying its supply chain resources and production capabilities. This approach presents an opportunity for brands to reshape foreign consumer markets, contingent on their willingness to execute long-term brand strategies.

In pursuing this path, KingCamp has remained resolute for over two decades and shows no signs of deviating.

Product Innovation: The Key to KingCamp’s Success

KingCamp’s recent product releases have garnered considerable attention. When asked about how the brand maintains a steady stream of innovative products, the company emphasized the significance of three core competencies: research and development, planning, and a unique four-tier product review system.

KingCamp possesses a robust research and development team with a keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences. Their approach hinges on an Integrated Innovation Chain (IIC) research and development system, continually introducing Unique Selling Proposition (USP) products. This strategy solidifies KingCamp’s position as a leader in the global outdoor industry.

Furthermore, KingCamp firmly positions itself as the choice for family campers in the outdoor gear market. In a world where extreme outdoor enthusiasts and lightweight adventurers abound, the brand’s deep-rooted presence in the family camping segment sets it apart.

Finally, the company highlighted the brand’s distinctive four-tier product review system, ensuring the suitability of new products in various markets. This approach aligns with the increasingly standardized global market landscape, allowing KingCamp to stand out.

Understanding KingCamp’s Target Audience

KingCamp’s product range caters primarily to families engaging in camping, specifically parents aged 35-45 with children between 3-12. However, the brand’s user base extends from ages 25 to 60. KingCamp’s emphasis on family outdoor experiences has garnered global resonance, recognizing camping as a means of not just conquering nature but also strengthening family bonds.

In Western countries, camping is synonymous with cost-effectiveness, making it an integral part of daily life. KingCamp’s brand positioning as a promoter of “family outdoor” experiences aligns with this sentiment, contributing to its global resonance and trust-building with consumers. A significant 80% of KingCamp sales come from international markets. While the domestic market shows growth potential, the overseas market remains a cornerstone of KingCamp’s stability and global appeal.

In 2023, the outdoor equipment industry has witnessed a perceptible slowdown in growth. In light of these changes, KingCamp’s sales performance is particularly noteworthy. The resurgence of cross-provincial and international travel has caused a shift in camping preferences, with some enthusiasts opting for alternative vacation experiences.

KingCamp has, nevertheless, solidified its position as a preferred choice among camping enthusiasts in 46 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, and Japan. It has earned distinctions like being one of the Top 10 fastest-growing brands on Amazon’s Outdoor Hardgoods list and the No.1 leading brand in outdoor chair sales on Amazon in the United States. KingCamp’s strategy of a dual-loop business ecosystem, combining online and offline operations for domestic and international markets, remains a cornerstone of its sustainable growth.

Brand Building

Over the past two decades, KingCamp has faced significant shifts in the market environment. The company emphasized that its enduring success rested on three core principles: quality, innovation, and branding. These principles remained unwavering, even as market dynamics evolved. For example, KingCamp has successfully aligned its offerings with the mature camping culture in Western countries. By adhering to its core principles of quality and innovation, KingCamp continues to thrive in international markets.

KingCamp shed light on the evolution of the cross-border industry, categorized into three phases: product-driven, brand-driven, and customer-driven. Notably, KingCamp has enthusiastically embraced a brand-driven strategy. This approach centers on the cultivation of brand identity, customer engagement, and loyalty. To thrive in diverse global markets, KingCamp recognizes the importance of maintaining an open and continuous dialogue with local users. If a brand can truly be driven by itself, generating its own traffic and cultivating its own customer/follower base, the company's profitability is also maximized.

Future Trends

When discussing the changes in the outdoor gear industry in 2023 and the future outlook, the company highlighted the enduring significance of cross-border e-commerce as the optimal path for brand expansion. It emphasized that cross-border e-commerce remained the fastest-growing, most promising, and influential segment in foreign trade. Furthermore, it continued to thrive and evolve at a rapid pace.

Looking ahead to the next five years, KingCamp believed that the window of opportunity for brands to venture abroad would persist. The company expressed optimism that innovative products could potentially reshape the entire global consumer goods market. However, it cautioned that the era of global sellers making significant gains in foreign markets through unconventional means had come to an end. As this group of sellers continued to gain a substantial market share and influence the overall industry landscape, foreign stakeholders would undoubtedly place greater emphasis on compliance and regulations.

source: equalocean

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