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KingCamp CLOUDY 300S Kids Sleeping Bag-Envelope With Hood

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Unleash Cozy Comfort with Our Versatile Children's Sleeping Bag:

Discover the perfect sleeping solution for young adventurers with our innovative children's sleeping bag. Designed for flexibility and comfort, this sleeping bag can be easily spliced left and right, fully unfolded, and adapted to various scenes, ensuring your little ones have a snug haven wherever their imagination takes them.

Premium Flannel Lining for Tender Touch:

Wrapped in the inner flannel material, this sleeping bag offers a warm and comforting cocoon for a peaceful night's sleep. The dimensions of 170 × 70 cm provide just the right amount of space for a cozy retreat.

Innovative Features for a Dreamy Slumber:

  1. Customizable Hat Brim: Ensure a personalized fit with the drawstring at the hat's brim, allowing your child to tailor their sleeping experience.

  2. Windproof Wall and Anti-Pinch Zipper Chain: The zipper windproof wall and anti-pinch zipper chain guarantee a secure and uninterrupted night's sleep, shielding your little one from the elements.

  3. Convenient Hanging Ears: The two hanging ears on the feet add a playful touch and practicality for easy drying or hanging storage.

  4. Zipper Openings for Easy Ventilation: Unzip the sides and bottom completely for enhanced airflow during warmer nights, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

Tailored for Little Explorers (140cm and Under):

  1. Flannel-Lined Soles with Zipper Design: The zipper opening and closing design at the foot provides ease in adjusting foot temperature, offering adaptable warmth.

  2. 300G/M2 Hollow Cotton Filling: The hollow cotton filling ensures effective insulation, isolating your child from air conditioning and providing a cozy warmth.

  3. Wind-Blocking Strip Design: Embrace a snug environment with the zipper wind-blocking strip, keeping the chill at bay and creating a dreamy retreat.

Compact and Portable for Any Adventure:

The sleeping bag's compact packaging size (37*20cm) and lightweight construction (1.4 kg) make it an ideal companion for camping, sleepovers, or any little adventure.

Magical Nights Await:

Whether used for camping, indoor sleepovers, or a night under the stars, our children's sleeping bag promises a magical sleep experience. Let the little ones embark on exciting journeys and create enchanting memories with the warmth and comfort of our versatile sleeping bag. Magazines, mats, picnic mats, tents - the world of imagination is at their fingertips!

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