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Khan 8 Person 4-Season Glamping Bell Camping Tent

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The KingCamp 500 T/C Cotton 4-Season Glamping Tent is the perfect choice for camping enthusiasts who crave both comfort and luxury. Our tents are crafted using the finest natural materials, providing a spacious and comfortable outdoor living experience.

  • Our tents feature a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy support frame.
  • PU Coated Canvas Bell Tent 1500MM Rainproof. Aluminum pole is strong and lightweight.?
  • Within the frame, convenient hooks are included for hanging clothes and lamps.
  • Dia. 16.4ft, 212 square feet, top height 9.9ft, wall height 2.63ft. door height 5.9ft. The large canvas tent is ideal for 4 glampers on queen beds or 8 campers on sleeping pads.
  • Remove the wall as a Canopy enjoy a 360-degree landscape without dead angle. Mesh Wall for cozy Summer Glamping with great ventilation. Regular Wall keep Warm inside when Camping in Cold Winter.
  • Enjoy a spacious living space with double-layered walls and elevated peak height. Suitable for 8-10 person
  • Thickened and tempered steel pegs provide excellent grip and durability.


Explore the Magnificence of Khan Tent

KingCamp Glamping Tent

PU 1500MM

PU Coated Rainproof

Khan Bell Tent is for long-term use.

Flame Retardant.

Two 7-inch Chimney Port

To ensure stove proper placement and ideal efficiency.

Good Airflow and Ventilation

Strong Aluminum Alloy Poles

High Quality Material Center Pole, Plegs and Guy Lines.

For wood stove placement

Heavy Duty Groundsheet

Aiming at long-term use, we set a detachable piece for stove.

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PU 1500MM

PU Coated Rainproof

Khan Bell Tent is for long-term use.

Storage Bags

Storage mesh pockets design for phones, wallets, or car keys.

Tech Specs

Best Use Glamping; Family Camping
Unfolded Dimensions 16.4 x 16.4 x 9.8 x 5.9 x 2.6 ft
Packed Size 16.4
Weight 74 lbs
Sleeping Capacity 8-10 persons
Number of Doors 1 door
Number of Poles 2
Pole Material Aluminum alloy
Flysheet Fabric 340gT/C
Floor Fabric 510 g PVC


What's the size of the wood stove vent hole?

Dear customer, thank you for your inquiry. The size of the ventilation hole is about 18cm. We hope this information is helpful for you.

 Is the tent has a stove jack?

For safety, the tent features a stove jack made of thermal and fireproof fabric to accommodate a stove.

What accessories do I need to buy? steaks? stove jack accessories?

All accessories should come with the tent and all standard essentials packed in a waterproof bag for easy transport and storage.

High wind resistance?

Our Glamping tents are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rain with a wind resistance rating of 6-7 and waterproof features.

How strong is the canvas on this tent? What does 210 g TC cotton mean?

Dear customer, thank you for your inquiry. Our tents are made with 210 g TC cotton canvas fabric that is not only breathable but also treated with a PFC-Free finish for water coating, making it waterproof. The encrypted teslin mesh ensures durability and tear resistance, so you can enjoy it for years to come. We hope this information is helpful for you! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lifelong Tent Campers Review - Excellent Quality, Craftsmanship, and Durability.

I am a lifelong tent camper - learned to walk in a fishing camp in Canada. Being out in the woods camping riverside/lakeside is everything good in the world to me.

Camping with Kingcamp's Kahn 400 - 13' adds a bit of luxury, has plenty of room to move around, the windows and peak vents provide plenty of air flow, no leaks when raining, held up in strong winds, weathered a sever thunderstorm that dropped some small hail the canvas deflected it without damage, add in the fact that I can set it up by myself fairly quick makes this tent absolutely worth having. I expect it to last for years to come. I'm 52, and because of the quality of materials,I expect ttostill be camping in this tent in 20 years.

The craftsmanship and quality of materials iareexcellent. My wood burning stove fits perfectly, I raised the chimney with spark arrestor above the top of the tent - no burns from ash ,nd it kept us warm and comfortable. There is a section of floor velcrowed down that can be taken up to set the stove if you want the chimney inside which produces more heat however I don't want the stack where it is easy to burn myself - a grab the center pole a lot so... yah, no chimney in the middle.

Zippers are heavy duty, get some zipper lube to make them a bit easier to pull, I tied 550 cord to the zippers to make them a little easier to get a hold of and pull. Floor screens are excellent, I haven't removed the bottom canvas yet because we haven't had the hot weather here in Ohio yet.

So far camping with my Kahn 400 in late October, early March, late may, and now mid June I am convinced of the quality and durability, use of a wood burning stove, and ease of setting up and breaking down that I can without doubt recommend this tent. It's pretty awesome. People ask questions and compliment it every trip.

Set up...
Stretch it out, stake floor tight, raise center pole, set door frame, stake guylines, and pull taunt done! Reverse for breakdown.

1 negative, the tent does not come with a footprint, I've not been able to find one to fit. So, until I do, I'm stuck using an ugly grey tarp.

I always give an honest review regardless of being positive or negative. As a Vine Member, testing and providing an honest review is important to me because I rely on reviews to help make online purchase decisions.

Thank you, Kingcamp, for providing your Kahn 400 for me to test and review. The tent is excellent quality and craftsmanship. Camping in 3 seasons has proven to me that there is everything it is advertised as and more

P Morales
Superior quality made bell tent

Heavy duty bell tent made with all quality materials. Although it is heavy, set up was super easy. Provided stove jack utilized without issue.


This tent is massive and sturdy.

Amazed at the quality!!

I never leave a review on products but I had to leave one on this tent. I dont think theres a better tent on the market, regardless of price. I ordered the big version. The product description can be a little hard to understand which one you get. I recommend looking at the product weight. I ordered the one thats almost 100 lbs and got exactly what I wanted. The features of this tent are far superior to the other manufacturers. I made a list of everything I wanted in a tent and this one exceeded my want list. I cant wait to put it to the test in elk camp. No doubt it will be great.
Side notethe camp chef alpine stove works great in this tent!

Camping Perfection

First and foremost, as I'm sure you can see from my pictures of the tent, I unfortunately have not been able to take this tent into the great outdoors for a proper break-in camping trip. But I did set it up in my backyard and tried it out and it did not disappoint!

Literally every detail of this tent absolutely blew me away at the quality and care that went into each stitch, corner and piece. There's not a single spot on this tent that feels cheap or uncared for. From the first moment of my getting it out of the bag to pounding in the last stake, I was smiling from ear to ear because of how satisfied I am with my purchase. The thick canvas inspired confidence that I could stay nice and warm at night, even on a cold autumn night in Utah near the base of a canyon where colds winds sweep through all night long.

I do wish the tent came with a few difference chimney size options since the chimney on my wood burning stove is quite small. It supports up to a 6" chimney, which is a very standard size. But for my smaller chimney I feel like I don't have many options so I had to just find a flap I could cut to size to keep the elements out of the tent with. But that's basically the only issue I had, and that's just because of the stove I have and not necessarily anything wrong with the tent itself.

Setting it up is extremely easy too. For being such a large and heavy tent, the setup process is very straightforward. It helps that I watched a couple videos of people setting up the tent before I set it up, but if you see a picture of it set up, you can easily figure it out without having instructions. And there is so much room in there too once you get it set up! Having a fire does cut down on the available space, but if people don't mind sleeping tight (like most people do in tents) you can fit 8 people in this tent without much problem.

I could go on and on about how great this tent is, but I think I'll end it here. If you're looking for a thick canvas tent you can have a wood burning stove in and is easy to set up and take down, this is the tent for you. I looked at other, cheaper tents that had chimney holes, but there was always some drawback. They were less than 6 feet tall. They didn't come with a floor. They were made of a thin material except for right where the chimney hole was. This one had none of those drawbacks! And I haven't even mentioned the stakes! These stakes are crazy. I'm used to just getting thin metal stakes with my tents that usually get bent out of shape as you're driving them in. Not these guys! The stakes are literal rebar! It's crazy! They have some smaller stakes that you can use for the whole tent if you're trying to not make huge holes where you're setting up the tent. But they also have full size rebar stakes if you really need to make sure this thing isn't ever going to blow away.

Long story short, if I could give this tent a 10-star rating I would. It's amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a heavy duty tent they can heat with a fire from inside.