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Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Pillow & Built-in Pump

$39.99 USD


Adventure in Comfort with KingCamp Inflatable Sleeping Pad - Perfect for Young Travelers on Weekends and Holidays! Whether you're camping in the wilderness or exploring new destinations, our innovative inflatable cushion guarantees a cozy and convenient experience. Designed to fit your active lifestyle, its compact and easy-to-carry design ensures you'll always have the ideal companion for on-the-go relaxation and a good night's sleep under the stars. Embrace comfort, embrace adventure!

  • Larger and Thicker Design - For enhanced comfort and support during your outdoor escapades.
  • Dual Color Options - Choose the style that best suits your personality and adventure vibes.
  • Interlocking Letter Buckles - Customize your cushion setup with the freedom to connect multiple cushions.
  • Built-in Foot Pump - Save time and effort with the convenience of inflating your cushion anywhere, anytime.

Tech Specs

Best Use Camping; Hiking
Sleeping Pad Type air
Sleeping Pad Shape Rectangular
Insulation Type air
Sleeping Capacity 1-person
Top Fabric 20D Nylon TPU coating
Unfolded Dimensions 77 x 27 x 2.4 in
Packed Size 11.5 x 8.5 x 6 in
Weight 1.98 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It is easy to inflate and comfortable to sleep on

Back country camping

Compact and comfortable

My other camping pad is one of the self-inflating ones, which cost about twice as much as this one, and, I have to say, I like this one better. I took it out recently for a two day camping trip and it worked great. Its much smaller when deflated than my other sleeping pad, and its easier to pack up too.Blowing it with the included foot pump is pretty easy. I timed it, and it took me about a minute and a half to blow it up. Id recommend still bringing a pillow even though the pad has a built in pillow, but in a pinch, like if you forgot your pillow (definitely have done that camping many times) I dont think it would be so bad.I dont weigh that much, and this pad was able to suspend me off of the ground. Its not like sleeping on a mattress or something, but its comparable to other sleeping pads. Although I didnt have any issues, I would be a little concerned for heavier people that this pad wouldnt give them enough support.If youre looking for a compact sleeping pad, this is one to consider. It works well and I think its a good value for the price.

Great camping pad, totally worth it. Comfortable, easy, superlight and well made.

Great sleeping pad. It is super reliable and comfortable and really easy to inflate. You could pump it with your foot or blow it up with air pump from the top. It inflates very quickly. When rolled it up it is super lightweight so it's great for backpacking or hiking. It comes with a built-in great support for my head rest. I also like the color, it's a dark blue. It's said you can snap 2 pads together to make a double pad. Will try. Well-made and total worth the price.

Quick and Easy Set Up

This took me 1 minute to fully inflate, it has good head and neck support, so no need for a pillow! My hip didn't touch the ground when I laid on my side. It deflates so compact that it fits easily in a back pack!

Must get!!

Easy to blow up and pop in. Fits perfectly in my Toyota tundra. Super comfy. Very happy I got this