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Dog Playpen

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Give your beloved furry friend the gift of comfort and security with the KingCamp Dog Playpen. Designed with their well-being in mind, this portable sanctuary is more than just a playpen¡ªit's a haven where your pet can play, rest, and experience joy.

  • Ample Room: Spanning an impressive 505023.5'', our playpen creates a vast, protective space. Your pet can stretch, play, and unwind comfortably, making it the ideal home away from home.
  • Effortless Set-Up: Instantly assemble the playpen using the self-stretching elastic band. The zippered outer pocket ensures convenient storage and hassle-free transportation.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from 100% polyester 600D oxford fabric and ripstop PVC mesh, supported by a robust steel frame. This combination guarantees durability, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort.
  • Intelligent Design: Enjoy three thoughtful features:
    • A: Breathable mesh windows on the sides and top offer fresh air and sunlight, keeping your pet content.
    • B: Front and rear doors provide easy access for your pet, fostering a sense of freedom.
    • C: The zippered top window creates an interactive space for bonding moments and shared adventures.
  • Vital Reminder: For puppies or avid chewers, a teething toy is recommended to protect the playpen from potential damage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
ashley stephens
Mini poodle

This playpen worked out for us for a while. I was able to leave the top unzipped while I went to work etc... Unfortunately he began to bite at the zipper I can no longer tip the top. I will probably purchase another one and never unzip the top until I have him completely trained

Lori Mckee
quality is excellent!

won't be disappointed!

Easy pop open and store

Its perfect for camping or just seperating your dogs


Easy setup light weight and spacious

Amazon Customer
Great product for puppies

I really loved this product to keep my puppy's in a safe place while I wasn't watching. It is very lightweight, perfect to use while outdoors, and I liked that the doors can stay open. It allows you to have good visibility, to see the dogs but its also a little dark inside and it made my dog look comfortable and safer, and she stopped trying to take the puppies under my bed. The only thing i didn't like is that my dogs are able to jump on it and make it fall down easily from the outside. It would be great it the manufacturer can make an additional product that you can put around it for example to make it more sturdy.