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ANIZO S 320 Tipi Hot Tent

€224,95 EUR

The KingCamp Tipi Tent is suitable for camping in forests, mountains, and parks, and is ideal for winter camping. Its expandable features make it suitable for different weather conditions, and the chimney port allows for outdoor cooking. Its lightweight and durable construction make it easy to carry and set up, making it a great option for outdoor enthusiasts and campers.
  • Double doors for easy entry and exit, providing ample natural light.
  • Chimney port allows for the use of a wood stove inside the tent, keeping you warm and cozy.
  • Snow skirt can be rolled up for ventilation or lowered to keep out the wind.
  • Front vestibule can be expanded, providing additional space for various purposes.
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy construction.
  • Expandable waterproof thread keeps you dry in heavy rain.
  • TC fabric is abrasion-resistant and perfect for winter camping.
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Explore the Magnificence of Tipi Tent

KingCamp Hot tent


Dual doors

allow for easy access and superior ventilation

Water Proof
T/C material

abrasion-resistant and stay warm in winter

Tech Specs

Best Use Car Camping
Unfolded Dimensions 10.5x10.5ft
Packed Size 20.47 x8.27x 8.27in
Weight 12.5 lbs
Sleeping Capacity 2-person
Number of Doors 2 doors
Number of Poles 2
Pole Material Aluminum
Flysheet Fabric 180gT/C 150D Oxford
Floor Fabric 150D Oxford


Is this canvas treated with anything to make it mold resistant? Also, what is the fire retardant level on the actual canvas itself?

Our TC cotton waterproof and sunscreen, will not be moldy when used outdoors, and the cotton is very breathable so that the flame retard is better.

Is this tent waterproof?

Dear customer, thank you for your inquiry. The material of this tent is waterproof. We hope this information is helpful to you!

Does it fonebb be with the stove Jack?

Dear customer, thank you for your inquiry. This tent is for use with a stove jack. We hope this information is helpful for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tucker Hayes
Warm Tent

Spent the night in freezing temps in this tent with a little stove and it was so toasty durable and just enough room for me all my stuff and wood for the night .

Nice and warm

Keeps you very cozy

Amazing quality tent

This tent has really impressed me! Its made of a super thick and durable material and it does a fantastic job at keeping the inside warm. Its super easy to set up and I cant wait to use it again.

Well Makde

This is a very thick tent. Looks like it will do well in cold weather. Havent tried to use an indoor chimney yet but looks like it will do the job

Adam Watkins
Great teepee style tent!

Took this to Zion for a couple nights over the weekend to see how it would hold up.

1. It was compact to travel with - would not work for backpacking because it's a little too heavy, but it was easy to travel with in the car.
2. Set up took a little while the first time. Some hints
- Stake the footprint/floor first
- Use one of the aluminum stakes as a guide - past the floor stake, directly out, will be where the tent stakes down.
- Staking out the snow/sod flaps can go where ever they land, but some tension should help them stay down if there is no snow/sod to keep the edges down.
- Make sure to fold out the peak vents BEFORE you put the tent pole in! The vent on the back side will be impossible to reach once you've got the pole in.
3. I used a cot, and one of the legs wore a small hole in the floor after just two nights! If you are using anything with sharp legs, you need to put something under those legs - the floor is not tough enough to stand up to sharp stove legs or cot legs.
4. With a cot in the tent, my head and feet were very close to the tent walls - wind gusts caused the tent to flap a little bit and hit me in the head or feet, waking me up the first couple of times. An air mattress on the ground would not have this issue since lower down, the walls are farther apart.
5. Zipping the door shut is interesting because you have to zip it all the way to the ground to get it shut correctly, and the pitch of the roof makes it hard to get it all the way down there, and at night, it's a little hard to find without a light.
6. Warmth was great! And even though I didn't like the edges of the tent flapping up a little bit in the wind, I did like the fresh air it brought inside.

All in all, I think the floor needs some reinforcement, and the setup and use scenarios need some fine tuning, but otherwise, it's a great tent for the money, and it has the capability to keep you comfortable all four seasons.