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KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent

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The KingCamp MELFI PLUS multipurpose tent is great for camping. Spacious inner space is perfect for 5-9 people to have a rest, and you can stand up in the tent. With the flysheet and inner together, you can use this tent as a ground camping tent in outdoors. You can use the flysheet alone as a canopy under the sunshine. Three doors and multi-position mesh windows are good for great cross ventilation, convenient access and pleasant view and the tent is breathable to keep the inside dry and comfortable.

Spacious Accommodation: Designed for 5-9 occupants, this tent features separate rooms for 4 adults in the front area and 5 in the screen room. With over 7.5 feet of headroom, it's perfect for large families' outdoor activities.

Versatile Functionality: Compatible with various hatchback vehicles, it utilizes the car trunk for storage or can function as a standalone ground camping tent, offering flexibility in use.

Weather-Proof Construction: Crafted from sturdy 190T polyester fabric with a 3000mm PU waterproof coating, it features a waterproof rubber strip, ensuring
resilience against heavy rain. The interior's breathable polyester reduces condensation.

Easy Assembly: With fiberglass and steel poles, nails, and simple instructions, the tent sets up in just 15 minutes, making it hassle-free to assemble and dismantle.

Convenient Portability: Weighing 37.3 lbs and packing down to 28 x13 inches, it's highly portable. The included 150D oxford waterproof carry bag allows for easy transportation and storage.

Enhanced Features: Features like hooks for camping lights, multiple storage net pockets, and a built-in power jack add convenience to the camping experience.

Tech Specs

Best Use Camping
Sleeping Capacity 8+ persons
Season 3-season
Weight Side Room: 16.9kg / 37.3lbs; Front Room:17.6kg / 38.8lbs
Dimensions Side Room:185 + 290 ¡Á 290 ¡Á 230 / 175cm (72.8 + 114.1 ¡Á 114.1 ¡Á 90.5 / 68.8 in);Front Room:515 ¡Á 300 ¡Á 200cm / 202.7 ¡Á 118.1 ¡Á 78.7in
Packed Size Side Room:72 ¡Á 35 ¡Á 35cm / 28.3 ¡Á 13.8 ¡Á 13.8in;Front Room:72 ¡Á 35 ¡Á 35cm / 28.3 ¡Á 13.8 ¡Á 13.8in
Number of Doors 3 doors
Number of Poles 1
Pole Material Fiberglass and Steel
Flysheet Fabric 150T Polyester, PU Waterproof rated: 3000 mm, F/R
Inner 190T Breathable Polyester,PA300mm
Carry Bag Material 150D Oxford Waterproof
Floor Fabric PE 130 g/m2
Design Type Freestanding

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Raja -
Made it Work

Took this tent on my first camping excursion on my birthday week 09-13 October and OMG, I loved it! Kudos! The only problem was the unclear set up instructions.

Dear Josh,
Thank you for sharing your experience with the KingCamp SUV Tent. We apologize for any inconvenience you faced during setup. We'll certainly work on improving our instructional resources for a smoother assembly process.
We're thrilled to hear that you appreciate the tent's robust construction and the added convenience of the awnings. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're committed to ensuring you have the best camping experiences for years to come.
Happy adventures ahead!
KingCamp Team

ابراهيم عبدالله العنزي
Very sturdy construction

I would've given this a 5 star review if it came with better instructions. Inside the bag is a tag showing the tent being assembled in 4 steps. It was laughable. I couldn't find any directions on their website or any YouTube videos. This was the first time I set it up. I'm just glad it was in my backyard and not being laughed at at a campground. Of course I'm going to have many many years of practice because it's made to last. It's very sturdy and I love the awnings. You're going to love it.

tyler welker
Full Review Pro's and Con's

I bought this trip for a weekend trip to Joshua Tree. It was my first time camping there and did not realize how the landscape would be, so my review is based purely on this experience.

JT is a very windy and sandy place, with very fine beach like sand. While we were able to use most of the stakes and lines provided, the provided tie down paracord snapped the first night. The sand was deep and we ended up having to use a portable shovel as an anchor into the sand, with two thicker paracords going to the top of the tent, where many of the poles connect. Doing this kept the main section of the tent completely fine for night two, where winds were up to 30mph. But the second side of the tent (the seperate side room) was completely destroyed from the winds; and we only used the provided stakes and paracord. Four of the smaller tent poles to help with the awnings snapped from the wind, and the main door zipper is now having issues. Also, while this is no fault of the tent, be aware that if you do take this into windy conditions, SHUT YOUR TRUNK. The tent pulling on my open trunk on my SUV bent the hinges slightly, so I had to drive home with my 'trunk isn't shut beep' going off for two hours straight. Again, not their fault, just be aware. Also the velcro flooring sucks. It's a bad design that is simple, but we were never able to close off all the gaps, so dirt, dust, and wind got in that room a lot. For next time, I will be getting a bigger tarp and placing it under there first, and running paracord throughout the loops in the new tarp and on the tent.

What is awesome about this tent is the size. The setup is so simple once you know how to do it, and the layout is so cool. We had a solar generator running led lighting and a pocket projector onto a screen outside, and it fit 6 people comfortably inside the tent, with 4 more outside. I love the fact I can sleep in my SUV and still be in the tent. it makes loading up all the camp gear so easy as well, you just pack everything inside the tent into the suv, then take the tent down. The size is incredible. But it is just flimsy.

To combat this for my next trip, i am taking all precautions. I ordered 1/2" paracord (I think provided is 1/8" cord) to replace all the provided fittings, 16 heavy duty stakes, 4 large screw in stakes, 4 big ratchet straps to connect the four main corners to reduce any shift in the tent (and to not break my suv liftgate again), and more durable poles for the awnings and sides of the tent.

Wind is your enemy with this tent, so be prepared and you will absolutely love it.

Great size, quality material, instructions terrible

It is a great size and love the concept for an alternative to pulling our travel trailer; however, the instructions are not clear and I am still unclear as to whether the tent is supposed to be waterproof and bug proof while the hatch of the car is open. Customer service has not been too stellar - they respond timely; however, not very informatively or exactly providing response to the question asked.

Maria L Conley
Large awning with seamless attachment to vehicle with a hanging tent attachment for inside awning.

I like the space it provides as well as the shade. It was fairly easy to put up with 2-3 people. Not sure I could have done so alone. I didn't like the inaccurate description of a seamless connection from vehicle to tent. It is seamless to the awning structure that the tent hangs to from inside. The awning portion is completely attached to car, the tent requires the awning but doesn't directly attach to the vehicle, & thus vehicle & tent must be closed to prevent bugs entering either.