Why the Nushagak?

The Nushagak River is your best option for catching a King Salmon in Alaska.

  • Runs approach 100,000 King Salmon annually (roughly 5 times the number of the better know Kenai River). Anglers routinely catch "a dozen a day," and often many more.

  • The Nushagak is a remote river with no road access. Anglers arrive by boat or float plane only. Consequently, the traffic is light - there's lots of elbow room and no "combat fishing."

  • Fewer regulations allow you can keep your catch and are much more liberal than comparable rivers like the Kenai. First, the river is actually "open" to fishing and the daily limit is two, but after limiting, you can continue to catch and release fish all long as your arm holds out. Limiting on other rivers means you have to "wind 'er up" and quit fishing. Second, bait is allowed (that's huge!)

  • The Nushagak boasts great scenery and lots of wildlife including eagles, moose and the occasional bear.

  • Finally, the Nushagak has all 5 species of Salmon - Kings, Silvers, Reds, Chums, and Pinks (on even years).


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